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What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics refer to the use of animation, visual effects, and graphic design techniques to create the illusion of motion or rotation. It involves the integration of text, graphics, and other visual elements to produce dynamic and engaging visual content. Motion graphics can be found in a variety of media, including film, television, websites, presentations, and digital signage.

Motion graphics are commonly created using specialized software like Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and Blender. Designers and animators use keyframes and timelines to control the movement, timing, and appearance of elements in their projects.

Motion graphics have become an integral part of visual communication, offering a versatile and captivating way to convey information, tell stories, and create visually stunning content across various media platforms.

Our Top Motion Graphics Courses in Mumbai

Motion Graphics Course

Benefits Of learning Motion Graphics

Audio Integration Skills

Industry Ready Skills

Strong Portfolio

Cultural Exposure

Clients Handling Skills

Industry Relevant Experience

Diverse Applications

Life-Long Learning

Artistic Growth

Technical Proficiency

Increased Demand

Creativity and Expression

Motion Graphics Course Software

Motion graphics Course serve to engage viewers, communicate ideas effectively, and enhance the visual appeal of various types of content across different mediums.



Affter Effects

Premiere Pro

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My name is Sandeep Rahate and I am an interior designing student. My overall experience with my designer course is very satisfying. My "Autocad" and "Photoshop" classes were very good. Online and offline classes experience was also very good. They give attension to each and every student. I am satisfised by the way the teach
Jayesh Unnithan
Jayesh Unnithan
I had a great time doing graphic designing course and everyone involved in the Hue&Rig institute has made it a great experience. I look forward doing more courses with you guys in the future and have been recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you
Shivani Kadam
Shivani Kadam
I am a student of hue n rig. I have just completed one month in online classes.all of you are also getting our support in online classes.thanks for your support sir n miss
Mr Lopes
Mr Lopes
Hue n rigs have great teachers and guides who are available 24 x7 for any help. I have learnt a great deal from the graphic design ing course, and although in lockdown have succeeded in conducting lectures. It was very homely too n the workspace is ideal. Thanks to the sirs and teachers to taught with dedication n respect.All the best. May you grow to greater heights
V Pratiek Johnson
V Pratiek Johnson
I Mr.Pratiek Veluthamannunkal Student of Hue & Rig like to mention online classes are very good during lockdown period as we do not have to carry sanitzer & mask during our travel for lectures at the same time classroom lectures excellent because during lectures our doubts can be cleared then and there. No Doubt our faculty take lectures online and in class the way the student understand . But we miss our faculty as we can't communicate personally. (But on Phone they are available to clear our doubts)
Shivani Kadam
Shivani Kadam
I am a student of Hue N Rig. I have just completed one month.I am having a good experience with them, the trainers are helpful, supportive and friendly,It help us to create new things.thanks for your support.

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Career Opportunities After Learning Motion Graphic Course

Advertising and Marketing

Corporate Industry

Education Industry


Event Marketing




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Projects Covered Inside Motion Graphics Course

Photo Graphic

  • Photo Retouching
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Image Composition
  • Digital Art
  • Photo Collage
  • Special Effects
  • Image Restoration

Vector Graphic

  • Logo Design
  • Infographic Creation
  • Icon Set Creation
  • Vector Illustration
  • Typography Poster Design
  • Brand Identity design
  • Pattern Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Packaging Label Design
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Vector Logo Animation

Raster Graphic

  • Typography Design
  • Logo Design 
  • Branding
  • Poster Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Layout Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Illustration
  • Digital Imaging
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Portfolio Development
  • Digital Painting

Motion Graphic

  • Title Sequence Design
  • Explainer Video Production
  • Digital Ad Campaign
  • Infographic Animation
  • Logo Animation Challenge
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Virtual Reality Experience

Motion Graphics is used by various industries


Print Packaging

Interior Design

E Commerce

Publishing Sector



Fashion Industry

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Web Designing

Education Sector

Motion Graphics Course Fees/ duration

motion graphics Course

₹45000 31,500 Rs
  • 6 months Duration
  • Certified Program
  • No Job Assistance


Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer, using effective music to convey the message. It involves text, graphic and video integrated with animations and sound.

Skills needed for Motion graphics are Graphic design skills, An understanding of animation, 3D design skills, understanding typography, creative thinking and technical skills. Don't worry in our module everything is being taught right from the basics.

To learn Motion Graphics first enroll at our institute Hue N Rig .Get trained with the best faculty with all the key concepts and projects covered under the module designed for motion graphics.

There are many benefits of motion graphics, but the primary benefit of motion graphics is to increase brand recall due to their visual graphics, video and audio content makes it easier for viewers to engage.

There are various software taught during course i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After effects.

Graphic design does not involve animation, as graphic designers work with still images and as soon as there is movement 2d or 3d, graphic design becomes motion  graphics.

Anything that is learned with dedication is never hard and with our institute course we make learning interesting & easy to understand with fun.

There are various career prospects after motion graphics such as Animators, Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Concept Artists, Coordinators, Designers, Creative Directors, Editors and Producers. Social media advertiser.

The demand for motion graphics is increasing by the day as many companies have started incorporating motion into their branding, digital products and social media strategies. Even experienced graphic designers are upgrading their skills by learning motion graphics.

Motion Graphics brings text and images to life and by using motion graphics we can provide the user with greater context and a deeper level of clarity, thus making motion graphics important and in demand everywhere.

In this motion graphic course will teach u graphic design, concept of animation, effects, transition, text, infographics, colors, design, basics of video shooting, overlays all-together with sound integration.

This is totally an offline classroom training. 

Offline classroom training gives u an extra facility to communicate and interact with faculty on the spot if there is some doubt. Also there is always a plus point of classroom training over recorded lectures